At Formula Fitness™ India, we proudly present National Bodyline, a beacon of excellence in fitness solutions.

Our comprehensive services span the entire spectrum - from visionary consulting and design to seamless installation and steadfast maintenance. We collaborate closely with you to comprehend your gym's essence, harnessing our expertise to bring your vision to vibrant life.

Whether your aspiration is a compact corporate gym or an expansive community facility, we possess the experience and resources to transform your dreams into reality.

Our unwavering vision at National Bodyline, as brought to life through Formula Fitness™ India, is to empower communities. Our commitment encompasses delivering cutting-edge equipment alongside unmatched customer service.

We are on a mission to uplift communities, propelling them toward their fitness aspirations. By crafting invigorating, state-of-the-art gym environments, we intend to foster health, well-being, and an enriched quality of life.

Distinguished by our state-of-the-art manufacturing hubs, we take immense pride in producing superior commercial gym solutions for our clients.

Our manufacturing journey adheres to stringent quality benchmarks, further validated by our ISO 9001 certification, ensuring that every equipment piece meets the zenith of industry standards.

With strategic manufacturing facilities sprawled across three locations, we seamlessly serve our esteemed clients on a national canvas.

Our pledge extends beyond delivering mere products - we offer holistic solutions that transcend expectations, propelling you toward achieving your fitness ambitions.

Experience the essence of National Bodyline through Formula Fitness™ India, where innovation meets empowerment to redefine the fitness landscape.